Do Bidets Need Electricity? Here’s What To Know

Are you thinking about purchasing a bidet? You will get options for electric and non-electric Bidets.

If you are thinking about purchasing an electric bidet and have some questions, like do bidets need electricity? What will be the cost, and how does an electric bidet work?

Let me make it clear. Yes, most of the bidet required electricity to work. They required electricity to make all its features functional like water temperature, air dryer, and different spray modes.

If you want to know more about electric and non-electric. Bidets, then keep reading. I am going to explain everything right here. Let’s begin.

How Are Electric Bidet Seats Powered?

Another question that arises here is how bidet seats are powered? Electric Bidet attachments are non-electric appliances, while the toilet seat will be electric.

Electric attachments will get their power from water pressure, and electric bidet will get power from electric outlets.

Usually, electric bidet seats come with a 1.2-meter long cord that you can hook up to a nearby electric outlet. This electric outlet will power various attachments like a seat lid, water heater and water dryer.

How much electricity do bidets need per month?

The next question is what is the maximum power consumption of a bidet per month? It is best to know about electricity consumption before buying.

It’s not simple to calculate the monthly electric usage of a toilet as it will not cost that much and you will not greatly increase your electricity bill.

So how can you measure the monthly consumption? With Kilowatt or KWH. By this, you can find which home appliances are using how much power.

Here I will give an estimation of electricity usage that our team finds after going through many electricity bills. We are going to divide it into three different types.

Bidet Type Power Consumption
High end models 14KWH
Mid-range bidets  87 KWH
Entry level bidets 162 KWH


Comparison between Electric and Non electric Bidets

To know everything in detail let’s go through a detailed comparison between electric and non-electric bidets.

How Does an Electric Bidet Work?

Electric Bidets are also called e-bidet. Electric bidets use GFCI outlets that are already installed in your toilet. GFCI outlets’ primary function is to add a degree of safety in your bathroom from electric shock due to the moist environment.

To make your e-bidet work, you need to connect the cord that comes with your new bidet with the GFCI outlet. Let me tell you which bidet features require electricity to work.

  • Auto open close lid
  • adjustable air temperature
  • heated toilet seat
  • warm air dryer
  • unlimited bomb water
  • in bowl night light

Electric bidets advantages

Now let’s find out what are some advantages of the electric bidet. An e-bidet is a choice for all those who want something luxurious and expensive in their bathroom. Some of the advantages of e-bidet include

  • These bidets are very easy to use. With a remote control option, you can control all the features.
  • E-bidets are best for those with mobility issues and older adults.
  •  Provides warm water, which is great when the temperature is too cold.
  • The remote or control panel is very easy to use for all people.
  • The heated seat option is great in chilly weather.
  • They also comes with adjustable nozzles that have different positions.
  • Warm air dryer features will make it super easy to use and eliminate the need for toilet paper.
  • Electric bidets are easy to install and more comfortable to use.

Electric bidet drawbacks

After knowing all the advantages of the electric bidet, it’s time to get into the drawbacks of electric models. The drawbacks include

  • First and foremost electric bidet is expensive. You may increase the cost of your electricity bill.
  • Some models don’t fit the standard toilet. So, when purchasing an electric Bidet, ensure it fits your toilet model.
  • Remote control features may not be that easy to use for all of your family members.
  • Installation of e-bidet may take more time than non-electric models.

How Do Non-Electric Bidets Work?

Electric bidets perform their functions by using electricity. So the question arises how do non-electric bidets work?

Non-electric bidets depend upon water supply lines to provide different spray modes and adjustable water pressure features.

Electric bidets use remote controller panels. On the other hand, non-electric bidets control the nozzle spray with the lever or rotating knob.

E-bidets are great to use if someone wants a cost-efficient toilet. These bidets are the choice of normal households and small bathrooms. Some of the features that include in a non-electric bidet are

  • Affordable to buy
  • self-cleaning nozzle
  • dual nozzle
  • adjustable water pressure
  • different spray modes
  • easy installation

Non electric bidet advantages

An electric bidet is a great choice for those with a smaller budget Option or those just looking for a standard bidet for their bathroom. Let’s find out some of the advantages of a non-electric Bidet.

  • Non electric bidets are cost efficient
  • They are easy to install and can fit on any toilet
  • Non electric bidets are easy to clean, use, and maintain.
  • These models are convenient to use for everyone.
Do bidets need electricity
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Non electric bidet drawbacks

As there are so many advantages, there are also some drawbacks. So let’s find out what are the non-electric bidet drawbacks.

  • These models do not come with seat warming and air-dried features.
  • No warm watering feature inside the bidet. However, you can get the desired warm water from the nearby fixture, such as the sink.
  • Water pressure is not easy to adjust on non-electric bidets.
  • Not ideal for anyone with limited mobility.
  • Most models do not offer adjustable nozzles
  • You may take some time to practice using them properly
  • Do not come with auto open close lid feature
  • Not come with a control panel or remote control functions

Which is the best option to buy in an electric and non-electric bidet?

Both electric and non-electric bidets are great, and they have their features. An electric bidet offers more variety of features than a non-electric. However, they are expensive, not easy to install, and also can increase the cost of your electricity bills.

On the other hand, the non-electric bidets are easy to install and clean and also come with a good variety of features like adjustable water pressure.

Here you need to think, what are the things that make an electric beater great? Air drier feature and a warm water feature. An air dryer will eliminate the need for toilet paper after using the bathroom.

On the other hand, a warm water feature is great when there is Chilly weather. So if you are someone who wants these features in your bathroom, then you can go for an electric bidet.

However, if you can get warm water from an external supply to your non electric bidet and you are okay with compromising air dryer features, then non electric bidets are a good choice.

Are There Battery-Powered Bidets?

Yes, there are battery power bidets. The battery power bidet comes in a portable shape that can be used on the go. To use them you need to put the water to a reservoir point.

Many types have rechargeable batteries, and some have store-bought batteries. This type of bidet is not ideal to use at home. They are good to use as a travel bidet.

Do You Need an Outlet For a Bidet Toilet?

Yes, most of the bidet toilets required an outlet for functioning. However, some models require hard wiring in the electric system in your home. It is good to check the model type and know about its installation and functioning before purchasing.


Here is the end of our article today, Do bidet needs electricity. There are electric,  non-electric, and battery-powered bidets in the market.

The electric bidet is more luxurious and expensive than the non-electric bidet. So if you are looking for something with more features and benefits, e-bidets are a good choice.

On the other hand non electric bidets are great as cost-efficient and are advised to use in small and standard toilets. The choice depends upon your personal preferences. Thanks for reading.

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