How to use a handheld bidet? Best Tips And Full explanation

How to use a handheld bidet? There is no difficult method; you must follow simple, easy steps.

In today’s article, we’ll look at how to use a handheld bidet? Handheld bidets are popular and now becoming famous all around the world. Handheld bidets provide a manual cleaning option of washing instead of wiping.

Handheld bidets fixed on toilets via a detachable connection. Many researchers say that to make handheld bidets safe; you need to be careful while using them? So is there any specific guideline for using handheld bidets? Yes, there are some.

What is a handheld bidet?

Handheld Bidets are specifically designed to clean your butt area. They are a great replacement for toilet paper. Bidets are famous in Asia and Europe and are now popular in America.

Handheld Bidets eliminate the use of toilet paper. After using the bathroom with the help of a handheld sprayer, you turn on the faucet and clean your intimate area.

Bidets are considered more hygienic than toilet paper. There are different types of them that you can find in the market.

Benefits of using Handheld bidets

Handheld Bidets are a great replacement for toilet paper. However, are they beneficial?

Let’s explore some of the benefits of using them.

  • The first and foremost is that bidets are more hygienic than toilet paper. It’s easy to wash and then wipe.
  • Bidets are great for those who have any mobility issues. They are easier to use for pregnant women and older people.
  • Another advantage of bidets is they are eco-friendly and better for the environment. However, many said bidets increase water loss. On the other hand, many say it’s less than the cost of toilet paper.
  • Handheld Bidets are also great for those who undergo surgery and feel problems while using the toilet.
  • Bidets also reduce plumbing issues as you will have no toilet paper in your flush system.
  • Bidets sprayers are also multifunctional, and you can use them for different tasks, like you clean baby diaper cloths for bathroom cleaning and pet washing.

How to use a handheld bidet? A proper way

Handheld bidets are the most common type of bidet. Handheld bidets and handheld sprayers are common in the Middle East and Asia. This type is popular in Muslim households and are often called Muslim showers.

The handheld bidets are also known as shattaf. They are a great choice as the mechanism is simple and easy to use. While having bit manual features, it is cost-effective and preferred over electric bidets.

The handheld bidets come with a simple setup. There will be a bidet seat mounted at the toilet and a handheld sprayer, either wall mounted, or tank mounted. The sprayer comes with different spray modes. While pressing the button with a finger, a stream of spray will come out that you can use to clean your genitals and anal area after using the bathroom.

How to use a handheld bidet Sprayer?

Now let’s find out how to use a handheld bidet sprayer. There are some simple steps that you need to follow.

  • First, grab the handheld sprayer mounted near the toilet wall or tank. It will be laced at a holder, located, and grabbed.
  • To start the water spray, the shut-off valve needs to be pressed.
  • You can now spray the water stream from the front to the back. In this way, the water spray will effectively clean your anal and genitals areas.
  • For women, it is recommended to spray from front to back.
  • Some handheld sprayers come with different spray modes. You can set it at your desired spray mode.
  • There are also some with temperature control options from where you can set water temperature.
  • Once done cleaning, you can use an air dryer feature or toilet paper to dry off the rear area.

Image source: rinseworks

How to use a bidet?

There are different bidet types, each of which slightly differs in use. One of the best ways to learn how to use them is to stay and try to read labeled controls and examine different settings.

Usually, most American homes have a bidet seat and bidet attachment that function similarly. So, in my opinion, whenever you encounter a new type of bidet, take a moment and know about the control settings.

How to use an electric bidet seat?

One of the most advanced bidet types is an electric bidet. These are very common in Japan and modern American homes as well. All these usually come with remote control. There will be different spray modes and features you can find on the remote control.

Once you use the bathroom, press the wash button, and cleaning will start automatically. Many types of electric bidets also allow you to choose between cold and warm water. You can also use the heated seat button and air dryer option.

Using a bidet for 30 seconds is recommended, and then turning off the wash mode. Here I want you to take precautions while using the warm water feature. Sometimes the temperature can be high and cause damage. So be sure to check it before use.

How to use a non-electric bidet seat?

Another type of bidet that is popular is no electric bidet. Non-electric bidets will come with a control knob to release water for cleaning.

The knob function is usually to control the pressure of the water. The more you turn it, the more water pressure you will get. At first, it is recommended to turn the knob slowly to avoid any discomfort. On the other hand, you can use high-pressure water to clean your butts and any other type of cleaning. Overall you can set the knob to your desired pressure.

There are many models where knobs will determine not only the water pressure but also the temperature of the water. Be very careful while using it. Try to control the knob slowly for warm water as sometimes the temperature can be high, and you can end up with discomfort.

Non-electric bidets are also common in normal households. They are cost-effective and also easy to use. So next time you encounter a non-electric bidet, use the knob carefully.

How to Use a Standalone Bidet?

According to me, Standalone bidets are the most confusing type of bidets. Standalone bidets are positioned with the toilet and look like a hybrid between toilet and sink. You can find these types of toilets in Europe while traveling.

You need to face the fixture off after removing your pants to use it. In the next step, align the ass with the nozzle. After that, use the knob to control the water pressure. Here again, the water temperature must be according to your desired temperature. It is good to gauge the water with your hands.

How Should Women Use a Handheld Bidet Seat?

While first using a bidet is intimidating, you will feel nothing more than washing later. But let’s know how women should use the toilet. What are some preventive measures?

Here are the steps :

  • Sit on the toilet seat.
  • Once you use the toilet, press the wash button or the handheld sprayer button or use the remote control function to wash the area.
  • Make sure you sit in this way on the seat that the water stream directly sprayed at your genitals and rear.
  • If you use a handheld sprayer, start cleaning from forward to backward. In this way, you will clean the vaginal area more safely.
  • Once you are used, use a dryer function if available. IF not, you can use toilet paper to dry yourself.

Our Most Recommended Bidet seat

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For easy use, it comes with a remote control feature. So you can easily control all of its functions through a remote. Moreover, there will be three wash modes for cleaning your intimate area. So everyone can find out their desired pressure. The led night light makes it easy to use in dark times.

Above all, for user convenience, the bidets seat has an air dryer feature. So you will not have to use toilet paper or toilet after using the bathroom. Another thing that is impressive about the bidet seat is the adjustable temperature. Last but not least, it can fit up to 220Lbs. These features make it one of the best bidet seats to use.

What do we like?

  • Power saving mode
  • Three wash modes
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Air dryer feature

What don’t we like?

  • Bit pricey


Here is the end of today’s article on how to use a handheld bidet. Overall, nothing is complicated, and the process is not that difficult. You only need to do whenever you see any new type of bidet, take a moment and know how it works. Try to read the control label. However, handheld bidets are the easiest to use and also a common type of bidet. I hope today’s information will be helpful to you.