Moen 5 Series Bidet Review -The Perfect Upgrade in 2023

Many people have decided to change their habits due to the pandemic and also increased their hygiene consciousness. Maintaining bathroom hygiene needs to be a prime concern. How can I make my bathroom hygienic?

Moen bidets are the best and most hot-selling toilet attachment that facilitates people to maintain a level of restroom hygiene. You just need an electric socket and an adaptor to connect the toilet seat.

Moen bidet is the public choice and hygienic option whipping with warm water sprays which have replaced toilet paper. By using bidets many people have reviewed that bidets make them feel their backside is cleaner, healthier, and fresher.

Research has shown that bidet users are less likely to be exposed to urinal bacteria. Also, it assures hygiene by keeping backsides and arms clean.

Moen 5 Series Bidet Detail Review

If you are looking for an installed toilet seat that can fit many toilet shapes and sizes then 5-Series Premium Electronic Add-On Bidet Toilet Seat EB2000 Moen is top-of-the-line. This seat has an elongated shape and the soft close system helps it close without making noise.

The seat’s innovative design gives a unique look, feel of luxury, and comfort. The best thing about this product is its rating, the remote control has an excellent rating and the easy installation has a good rating.

Who can use Moen 5 Series bidet 

  • Using a bidet is more alleviated for women after delivery.
  • People who got surgery.
  • It is designed according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, making it a suitable choice for people with disabilities.
  • For people who have hard knocks going to the toilet.

Dimensions of the bidet toilet seat

The width is 38.9 centimeters or 15⅚ inches. The length is 52 centimeters or 20⅜ inches. The back part of the water system has a height of 13.3 centimeters or 5¼ inches.

Before you buy Moen 5 Series Bidet, it’s important to measure your existing toilet first. That way, you can be sure this seat covers the whole surface of the toilet. This seat fits most elongated toilets, but you have to make sure it’s ideal for yours!

Designed according To The Multiple Market Standards

  • The standard for water closets for personal hygiene devices is ASME A1 12.4.2 / CSA B45.16. This standard includes the IAPMO / ANSI Z124.5 standard for plastic toilet seats.
  • The standard for motor-operated household appliances is CSA C22.2 number 68.
  • The standard for liquid heating devices for households is CSA C22.2 number 64.

Dimensions: 22.5 x 21.25 x 7.5 inches

Weight: 11.68 pounds

Shape: Oval

Batteries Required: Yes

Warranty: 3 Years


The EB2000 Moen 5 Series Bidet is the best model produced by Moen. It reflects innovation and ingenuity. The mission of this product is to facilitate every customer and solutions for a better living. Choosing EB2000 Moen 5 Series Bidet means lifetime alleviation and a long-lasting product.

Cleansing System

This bidet model has promising functions and cleansing modes and also exceptional levels of hygiene. If you are looking for a product that can serve high safety and extra cleanness then this bidet is for you. Its cleansing system has

  • Anterior cleanse feature
  • Oscillating cleanse
  • Posterior Cleanse
  • Water Pressure Control
  • Instantaneous water heating feature
  • Nozzle position adjustment

Air Control System

It has two functions, one is air temperature control and another is an air drying system.

  • Air temperature control is the main feature that cleanses your backside by heating water. The best thing for winters is, you will not feel immediate cold water flush.
  • Air drying system of the bidet uses water to clean, which instinctively stimulates the need for a feature to dry the excess water and leave the seat clean and dry after every use.

Noise Free Seat

What makes this EB2000 bidet model noise free? It has a system that allows the seat and lid to close without making a loud noise.

With an accidental lid close we all know how loud noise can be, which is disturbing for others if it happens at night.

You would not face that issue with a Moen 5 Series bidet because its soft-close system allows the lid and seat to close slowly.

  • Antimicrobial materials of the seat make it disinfected and clean or longtime.
  • Easy to clean, for extra cleansing you can wipe it with a towel.
  • Seat has a heating system that heats the seat. So forget the ice-cold sittings in winter.
  • Seat temperature is adjustable according to your desire.

Hygiene System

Best features with a wonderful hygiene system make the EB2000

Moen bidet is an excellent product. This bidet has a silver nanotechnology system with an antibacterial nozzle.

  • After every use, self-cleansing nozzles clean themself with water.
  • An upgraded feature for extra hygiene is nozzle sterilization.
  • A blue light under the seat is UV light for sterilization.
  • UV rays kill all the bacteria and microbes on the lid of the seat or toilet surface.
  • To maximize hygiene you can change the nozzle.
  • The bidet cleansing part is made of stainless steel which is more long-lasting as compared to plastic parts of industry standard.
  • Nozzle comes with multiple water pressure modifications and seven variable positions.

Note: All the replaceable parts are available on Moen’s official website and retailers’ websites.

Energy saving System

For air drying and heating the bidet uses electricity which is not required when you don’t use the toilet. So you can choose the automatic mode or energy-saving function.

  • Allow the bidet to work only when someone uses it by pressing the auto energy-saving feature.
  • By reading instructions written in the manual you can turn it off and on.


Moen 5-series bidet has two sensors one for night mode and the other one for the seat.

  • For automatic lid closing and opening the bidet has a sensor. It performs cleaning the nozzles, the self-cleansing process, and the entire toilet. After the self-cleaning process, the drying sensor dries the seat.
  • During the night a blue light will turn on so the user can find it while being sleepy.

Operational Control 

This 5-series bidet by Moen comes with two manuals. These can be attached to the wall or held in hands. One is for the seat and the other is remote. By using these you can adjust

  • Nozzle position
  • Temperature
  • Water intensity

Every time you would not need to use the remote, using auto mode you can set these features.


The bidet seat comes with two different warranties for different purposes. This way, you as the customer can be assured that no matter how you plan on using the product, you will be covered in case anything goes wrong.

  • The first is a limited 3-year warranty against any defects or leaks to the original consumer purchaser,
  • The second is a 1-year warranty if the product is used in commercial installations.



Unlimited amount of heated water

Seat does not fit every toilet

Operable via remote control

Night light and auto close sensor

Auto cleaning and sterilization process


  • Moen 5-series premium electronic cleans with warm water and replace the toilet paper.
  • This extraordinary bidet gives a satisfactory experience with automatic functions for maximum maintenance, heating features, sensors, and water pressure.
  • Moen electronic toilets are money-saving, and also budget-friendly. You can save money which you mostly spend on buying toilet paper. Cleaning the clogged toilet also does not need to pay for a plumber.
  • Using bidet risk of hemorrhoid appearance reduces and prevents urinary infections.
  •  Disabled persons can use this seat because it’s totally remote controlled so there is no use of hands or helpers.
  • The seat comes with a warm air drying system and electric remote control both of which add to the user’s convenience.

Bidet ED2000 Parts

For proper function parts should be installed together. Bidet comes with the following items:

  • One piece smart EBidet seat with water mechanism, seat, and lid
  • One piece T-valve and included reducing adapter
  • One piece catch plate
  • One piece seat bumper
  • One hose
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Two sets of screw component (screw, adjustment plate, expansion nut, and metal washer)
  • One set of remote controller (holder and two expansion screws)
  • One piece fixed card

Make sure that these all parts come with Moen 5-series bidet toilet seat if something is missing so consult the seller immediately.

Moen 5-Series bidet installation

  • Installing a bidet is a relatively straightforward process.
  • Begin by removing your current toilet seat and its mounting bolts.
  • Wipe the toilet bowl to ensure it’s clean before attaching the expansion nut to its mounting holes.
  • Attach the catch plate with washers, screws, and the ceramic fixing plate in a rectangular box on the mounting paper card.
  • Once these pieces are adjusted, reinstall the toilet seat by pressing the release button and sliding it into place.
  • From there, connect the T-Valve to the water inlet before connecting a hose from it to the EBidet and turning on the water to check for potential leaks.
  • Lastly, insert a plug into an electric outlet and secure your remote to the wall with holders and screws.


Bidets are becoming more popular in the United States, not just in public bathrooms, but in homes as well. There are many benefits to bidet use, and that’s why you may want to consider purchasing one for your home.

You’ll learn about the benefits of using a bidet, and how to install the Moen EB2000 bidet, as a complete Moen bidet toilet seat review has been given. You can install it without any support. It’s easy. It is a must-have product for your toilet.

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