Brondell PS-91C PureSpa Essential Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilets

Brand Brondell
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Finish Type Polished
Material Metal
Color Polished Chrome
Included Components T-Valve, Bidet Hose
Handle Type Lever
Style Bidet Sprayer – Polished Chrome
Installation Type Single Hole


Introducing the PureSpa Essential Handheld Bidet attachment, where freshness meets convenience in every bathroom break. This stylish, water-powered sprayer offers a soothing wide or stream spray, providing an eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper.

Experience ultimate control with two options: pressure control and continuous flow, delivering the perfect wash for a fresh feeling using ambient, room-temperature water. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort during front and rear washes.

Crafted with high-quality components, the PureSpa Handheld Bidet sprayer kit boasts durable heavy plastic construction and a 47.2-inch spiral-metal hose with a patented inner-woven core. The all-metal T-Valve extends the life of your handheld bidet.

Installation is a breeze with all parts included and a simple DIY setup at your toilet’s fill valve. The convenient holster mounts to your toilet tank or nearby wall, ensuring cleanliness is always within reach.

Product Info: Bidet hose length – 47.2″; Includes metal 7/8″ T-Valve with water pressure control and shutoff. Powered by water pressure alone, no batteries or electricity required. Experience freshness like never before with the PureSpa Essential Handheld Bidet attachment.