Delta RP61294 Universal Showering Components

Color Lumicoat Stainless
Brand Delta
Material Brass
Item Weight 0.75 Pounds
Finish Type Lumicoat Stainless


The Delta RP61294 Universal Showering Components Adjustable Wall Mounted Hand Shower Holder is the perfect addition to your bathroom. Crafted with Lumicoat Stainless technology, this holder offers durability and a sleek appearance.

Its adjustable design allows you to easily customize the angle and height of your hand shower for optimal comfort. Compatible with various hand showers, this holder ensures a secure and stable mount, preventing slipping or sliding during use.

Enhance your shower experience with this premium-quality accessory, designed to withstand daily wear and tear while adding a touch of elegance to your space. Upgrade your bathroom with the Delta RP61294 Hand Shower Holder for a more convenient and enjoyable bathing experience.