Hibbent Bidet Attachment for Toilet, Non-Electric Dual Nozzle



Experience ultimate comfort and hygiene with our Dual Nozzle Spraying Modes bidet attachment. Tailored for your needs, it offers both Posterior Mode (Rear Wash) and Feminine Mode (Women private), with adjustable water pressure to suit your preference.

Simply rotate the controller for gentle to strong water pressure without the need for electricity. Its ultra-slim design, just 0.24 inches thick, seamlessly integrates with your toilet and includes non-slip mats for stability. Crafted with premium components including a Brass T-adapter and Stainless Steel Braided Hose, installation is effortless.

With a Nozzle Guard Gate and Retractable Nozzle for hygiene and durability, this bidet attachment promises a superior and cleaner toileting experience, ensuring your comfort and well-being.