KOHLER 76923-0 PureWash M250 Round Bidet Toliet Seat

Color White
Brand Kohler
Material Plastic
Style Bidet Toilet Seat
Shape Round
Product Dimensions 17.13″L x 14.32″W
Item Weight 1 Pounds
Operation Mode Manual


Introducing the No Slam Round Bidet by Kohler, a pinnacle of comfort and hygiene for your bathroom. This Kohler Quiet Close Toilet Seat boasts a lid that closes slowly and silently, ensuring a peaceful environment.

With a side handle for water intensity and spray position adjustment, all without electricity, it offers customizable cleansing. The self-cleaning wand ensures hygiene by rinsing automatically after each use. Grip-tight bumpers and an ergonomically contoured, closed-front seat provide stability and comfort.

Cleaning is effortless with quick-release hinges, while installation is a breeze with quick-attach hardware and color-matched plastic hinges. Designed to fit most round toilets, this seat offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. Upgrade your bathroom with the No Slam Round Bidet by Kohler today.