Why don’t American use bidets?

Why have popular bathroom fixture bidets not caught on in the United States? 

Using a bidet can be more environmentally friendly than using toilet paper, as it reduces the amount of paper waste. There is one place where bidets are not taken off. In America, bidets are not popular.

It’s totally a cultural or personal preference. Many American tourists asked why the bathrooms in hotels have both urinals and toilets. In North America, over 36 billion roles are used each year.

A bidet can help people to Improve hygiene and feel cleaner after using the bathroom, as it uses water to clean the genital area and anus. Using a bidet may be more gentle on the skin, particularly for people with conditions such as hemorrhoids or other sensitive areas.

Americans are especially perplexed by these basins. Even experienced American travelers are uncertain of bidets’ intention. Many Americans fail to see its appeal even if they understand the bidet’s function.

Attempts to promote the bidet in the United States have failed in the past, but it might be possible current efforts continue and perhaps they might even succeed in bringing this old-world device to new bathrooms.

What are the reasons behind the bidets never taken off in the United States?

.There are a few contributing factors like old prejudices, surprisingly new habits, and comfort level. Some are explained below:

  • America got a bad reputation for bidets. In Europe, they saw bidets in world war 2 European brothels. So many of them associated them with sex work. They think bidets are somehow associated with immortality.
  • By the time Arnold cohen the founder of the American Bidet company in the 1960s introduced bidets in the US. But it was too late.
  • As Americans are traditionally conservative about such things, toilet flushing didn’t even show up In cinema until 1960 in the film. Because of this, it is thought that this may have influenced the rejection of bidets indoors to become more common.
  • Even they are plenty of inexpensive options for outfitting any standard toilet. Also, electric bidets manufactured in Japan aren’t popular in the US. Because the bathroom in the Us is not built for bidets. Their bathrooms are not spacious. Additional plumbing setups are not available.
  • The main reason to not accept bidets is Americans grown up using toilet paper. They are habitual to use toilet paper in Toilets. Many of them even might not know there is an alternative way to stay clean.

Note: Toilet paper wasn’t commonly used in the USA until the 20th century.

What is a bidet toilet?

The bidet is a plumbing fixture used for cleaning the genital, perineal, and anal areas of the human body. It is typically used in addition to a toilet and can be a separate unit or a part of a toilet.

What is the purpose of a bidet?

The bidet toilet was invented to cleanse the private parts of the body regularly. Here the question arises What is a bidet used for? It is equipped with a stream of water that is used to clean the genital, perineal, and anal areas of the body.

Some bidets also have a built-in drying feature, either in the form of a warm air dryer. Bidets are commonly found in Europe and Asia, although they are becoming more popular in other parts of the world as well.

When were bidets invented?

Arnold Cohen was the bidet inventor. The bidet was invented in France in the late 17th century, although there are some reports that suggest it may have been created earlier in Italy dated 1710. Along with the chamber pot bidet was confined to the bedroom in 1900. In the later 1980s, the remote control washlet improves the bidet.

The French word “bidet” means “pony” due to the standing position adopted in its usage.  The first bidets were essentially basins that were placed near the toilet and used for personal hygiene. Today, bidets are found in many countries around the world and are often used in conjunction with toilet paper or other cleansing methods.

Importance of bidets

Bidets are environment friendly

Using a bidet has many environmental benefits compared to using toilet paper. Making one roll of toilet paper requires around 37 gallons of water and 1.5 pounds of wood. In comparison, a bidet only uses about one pint of water, which can add up when you think about how much water is saved in the long run. This benefit is important not only for conserving resources and lessening waste.

Bidets reduce the risk of illness

This can help to remove any fecal matter you poop that may have been left behind, which can reduce the risk of infection and illness. Bidets are disabled people or women after delivery. The warm water kills all the bacteria, that cause urinal diseases.


The bidet is a simple device that is used in many parts of the world, which is the reason why the question “Why don’t American use bidets?” is so difficult to answer. Some people may say that bidets are only helpful if you live in an area with hard water. Others may say that bidets are a bit strange to use. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that bidets are slowly gaining popularity in America and will likely be used more as people learn about their benefits.

Some might find this surprising, given America’s general obsession with cleanliness. However, the majority of Americans begin their days with a shower, rather than taking a weekly bath. Therefore, the bidet has not yet become an important tool for personal hygiene in America.