Why is a Bidet better than toilet paper? | Bidet Vs Toilet Paper

Before going towards the difference between bidet and toilet paper, you must understand what a bidet is. Bidets are butt-cleaning systems that use a fresh stream of water to clean your privates. The most common bidets are bidet attachments and electronic bidets.

Bidet seats give you control of the water angle, pressure, and water temperature. Bidets are considered much better compared to toilet paper. You can use both bidet and toilet paper to dry yourself.

Benefits of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is also suitable for you. Using it doesn’t require any technique; you must apply water and clean the butt with toilet paper. Its excessive usage can damage a particular area. One of the substantial benefits of toilet paper is that it is portable and easy to carry from one place to another.

Drawbacks of Toilet Paper

  • It’s convenient, but it’s a single-use item. You can’t use it two times.
  • Additionally, it piles up in the form of landfills.
  • It is harmful to the environment because it releases carbon into the atmosphere.
  • Many harmful substances enter our bodies and directly get into our bloodstream. A most toxic substance is chlorine; it creates toxins such as furan and dioxin.
  • Toilet paper pollutes the water.
  • Dry paper is often uncomfortable to use.
  • Its texture is often rough for you in delicate areas.

Comparison of bidets and toilet paper

Humans have been wiping with paper or some paper for hundreds of years. You have to think about your cleanliness. So, your butt hole has all sorts of crevices, and when you wipe, you may get some poop off with the toilet paper. You are also leaving some poop farticles on and around your anus.

Skid marks and dingleberries are solid proof of that. It’s not a good look or good smell. If you got poop on your arm, wiped it with paper, and moved on with your day, it’s a rhetorical question. If your answer is ‘’YES’’, then you should probably go and take a shower.

Even though toilet paper seems good enough to get the job done, it comes to hygiene. The truth is that wiping is less sanitary than washing with a bidet. It leaves you a lot dirtier than you think.

When your face is dirty, wash it with water; when you shower, you also use water, not paper or a dry towel. In all these cases, you use water first and then dry your face or body with a towel.

Using toilet paper means that we are skipping right to the drying. In a nutshell, bidets are more hygienic than toilet paper. This is because they use a targeted stream of water to wash the poop residue instead of smearing it around with the paper.

Even protocologits have shown that bidets get you cleaner than toilet paper and lower the risk of potential health complications.

Butt wiping contributes to 30 million yearly cases of hemorrhoids, UTIs, yeast infections, anal fissures, and anal itching.

All of this can be avoided when you trade wiping for washing with water.

Myths about bidet seats

As the use of bidets is increasing day by day, there are also myths spreading everywhere regarding the use of bidet seats. These are listed below;

All these are just myths regarding bidet seats. If you are going to use a bidet seat, don’t consider these myths because they will let you use the toilet paper again.

End note

Not only is bidet essential for you, but it’s also crucial for the environment. It saves tons of toilet paper and our natural resources. The foundation of a healthy home is hygiene. So, when people ask; ‘’why a bidet seat?’’ answer them, it’s just like jumping in the shower. Bidet washes away with the warm water spray and eliminates any need for you to touch that with your hands.

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