Brondell SE400-EW Swash SE400 Electric Bidet Toilet Seat With Heated Seat

Color Light Blue Side Arm Control
Brand Brondell
Style Fits Elongated Seats
Product Dimensions 20.87″L x 18.5″W
Item Weight 6.67 Kilograms
Operation Mode Automatic


Introducing the CL510 Electric Bidet, an advanced solution for all-day cleanliness and comfort. This smart toilet seat combines true hygiene with innovative design, offering customizable wash settings and one-touch auto mode for a luxurious experience. The sleek shape seamlessly blends into any bathroom décor.

Control your wash with intuitive side-arm panel controls, adjusting water pressure, nozzle oscillation, and spray options for a perfect cleanse. Enjoy adjustable water temperature and a heated toilet seat for added comfort.

Experience convenience and hygiene with illuminating LED light, a quiet gentle-close lid, and aerated water wash. The self-clean cycle ensures cleanliness, and the retractable nozzle stays clean after each use.

Promoting sustainability, this bidet seat offers an optional eco mode and is a sustainable alternative to toilet tissue and flushable wipes. Installation is quick and easy with the included power cord, making it a hassle-free addition to your elongated toilet.