Brondell SMB-15 Side Mounted Manual Bidet Attachment for Toilet Seats

Brand Brondell
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Finish Type Polished
Color Chrome
Included Components Metal Washer, Metal Nut, Bidet Attachment, Mounting Guide Bolt, Small Rubber Washer
Handle Type Lever
Style Dual Temp
Installation Type Single Hole
Model Name Side Mounted


Introducing the ultimate in customizable hygiene – the easy-to-install bidet that puts your ideal wash at your fingertips. With its manual swing-action nozzle arm, you can enjoy nozzle oscillation and a perfectly aimed rinse, while the easy-twist knob lets you control water flow and pressure to your preference.

Experience your preferred wash with dual temperature settings, with fully adjustable water temperature to suit all users. Our specially designed hot water flex tubing attaches to your sink’s water supply for lasting warm or cool water.

Say goodbye to plastic with our zinc-plated all-brass bidet attachment. With a safe-core ceramic internal valve and all-metal components, it’s highly durable and plastic-free. The solid brass body with durable chrome finish adds an elegant touch to your bathroom.

Installation is a breeze with the ultra-thin frame that installs in minutes beneath any toilet seat, without adding bulk or stress points. The slim profile eliminates the toilet seat gap, while rubber pads guard against scratches. Plus, no batteries or electricity are required.

Join us in our commitment to sustainability with products designed to reduce water and energy use, promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Experience the difference with our innovative bidet, designed for a cleaner, greener world.