How to Install a Bidet | Easy Guide Step by Step

How to Install A Bidet

In recent years, bidet attachments are also known as Washlet or Japanese toilets. The definition of the word ‘’bidet’’ has been changed. Traditionally, the bidet faucet and bowl that sits next to the toilet was the only definition and could be found in Europe. Bidet seats and attachments are becoming more common. You will likely … Read more

Do Bidets Need Electricity? Here’s What To Know

Do bidets need electricity

Are you thinking about purchasing a bidet? You will get options for electric and non-electric Bidets. If you are thinking about purchasing an electric bidet and have some questions, like do bidets need electricity? What will be the cost, and how does an electric bidet work? Let me make it clear. Yes, most of the … Read more

How to clean a bidet? Detailed Cleaning Guide

How to clean a bidet

Bidets work efficiently to keep you clean and hygienic after using the toilet or bowel movement. Proper cleaning of bidets is key to making them safe to use and last for years. Whatever type of bidet you have at home requires proper and efficient cleaning. The good news is that bidets are much easier to … Read more

How to use a handheld bidet? Best Tips And Full explanation

How to use a handheld bidet

How to use a handheld bidet? There is no difficult method; you must follow simple, easy steps. In today’s article, we’ll look at how to use a handheld bidet? Handheld bidets are popular and now becoming famous all around the world. Handheld bidets provide a manual cleaning option of washing instead of wiping. Handheld bidets … Read more

Best Bidet Sprayer for Toilet: Everything Explained

Best Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

What are the best bidet sprayers for the toilet? Maybe one that is easy and safe to use? Bidets are a great way to reduce toilet paper consumption and also great for personal cleaning. Like bidets, bidet sprayer is also becoming popular all around the globe. Bidet sprayers are cost not only efficient but also … Read more

Are bidets safe for women? Scientific & Logical facts

Are bidets safe for women?

Bidets are popular in Asia and Europe. Modern research shows that there are numerous benefits of using a bidet. Due to their benefits and popularity, they are also becoming popular in the United States. However, someone using bidets for the first time may have many questions. Like the most common question we find from women, … Read more