Brondell Bidet CL950 Round Bidet Toilet Seat

Color White
Brand Brondell
Material Plastic
Style Modern
Shape Round
Product Dimensions 19.5″L x 15.25″W
Item Weight 231.18 Ounces
Operation Mode Automatic


Introducing the ultimate in personalized hygiene – the bidet that offers the right wash for every body. With five adjustable nozzle positions, move and massage settings, and fully adjustable water pressure, you can customize your wash experience to perfection.

Enjoy a range of features designed for your comfort and convenience, including an illuminating LED nightlight with on/off feature, warm water wash, heated seat, warm air dryer, air-cleaning carbon deodorizer, and gentle-close lid.

Say goodbye to rust and hello to cleanliness with the rust-resistant stainless steel nozzle. Its self-cleaning cycle runs before and after your wash, and it retracts to stay clean between uses.

Promote sustainability in your bathroom with this bidet, a sustainable alternative to toilet tissue and flushable wipes. Opt for the optional eco mode and dry with warm air instead of toilet paper, reducing waste and energy consumption.

Join us in our commitment to protecting the planet’s essential resources with products designed to promote sustainability in your daily routine. Experience the difference with our innovative bidet, designed for a cleaner, greener world.